Snap and Clac

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Luc Bazille
+33 (0)6 86 08 55 95
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A panache of emotions that will leave your senses reeling ...

Original with a unique style "Crazy Hot" is for sure the sexiest show !

Exotic and erotic
One small fan as the unique costume for a japonese number
Oriental veils that reveal naked bodies
A tribal dance finishing in a sensual duo

Ken and Barbie having fun, chippendale and bimbo style

Spectacular costume changes
Costume changes that explode the mind,
with the French Cancan girls transforming in bunny girls a blink of the eyes
and they change into French maids finishing totaly nude.

Strong sensations
One girl dressed only in strass and white feather boa with audience participation.

Music mixed with taste and harmony
Different musical sounds blending one into the other from an atmosphere 19th century "boudoir"
with music from Mylene Farmer and Mozart
or a military band sound followed through with a Michael Jackson hit.

Extremely feminine
A beautiful and sensual duo sapphic to music by Tatu.

Aesthetically refined
Choreographed especialy for the beauty and pure elegance of each dancer.

Refined, elegant, sensual, audacious, seductive...

All you need to let free your imagination and desirs.